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Members Writing (Books)

Psychodrama: Inspiration and Technique
Holmes, P., Karp, M., (Eds) (1992) London/New York: Routledge
Available from Amazon

Psychodrama Since Moreno: Innovations in Theory and Practice
Holmes, P., Karp, M., and Watson, M., (Eds)(1994) London/New York: Routledge
Available from Amazon

The Handbook of Psychodrama
Karp, M., Holmes, P. and Tauvon, K. (Eds) (1998) Taylor Francis Group, London/New York: Routledge
Available from Amazon

Hidden Twins, What do opposite sex twins have to teach us?
Olivia Lousada, Karnac, London 2009
Available from Amazon

Members’ Writing (PDF)

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TSM in South Africa 2003

Introduction to Psychodrama and What is Psychodrama?

This Utube film is excerpted from a documentary shown on television in early 2011. It was made from January to August in 2010 for an EU project. All EU countries filed 20 sessions of psychodrama with patients. Marcia's was undertaken with a group of MIND patients in London. This except is of segments of Marcia talking about psychodrama and its different aspects.

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