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"Cruel to Be Kind : What's the Right Measure?"
DATE: Saturday, 29th September 2018 : 10am-4pm

VENUE: Lancaster Hall Hotel, 35 Craven Terrace, London, W2 3EL
This workshop will explore the dynamics of what kindness means to us as individuals within our relationships, and with the wider world.
This day is open to all who have a personal or professional interest in the use of creativity within a group setting.
We may ask:  
What is kindness?  
Does it matter?
Do we need it in our lives?

“ Yet still we desire it, in some way knowing that [true] kindness - […] which encourages a feeling of aliveness as compatible with, indeed integral to, a feeling of vulnerability - creates the kind of intimacy, the kind of involvement with other people, that we both fear and crave.”
Phillips, Adam; Taylor, Barbara. On Kindness (pp. 115 -116 ) Penguin Books Ltd.
Psychodrama Psychotherapist, Teresa Brown, looks forward to facilitating a lively day where the psychodramatic encounter and the emerging spontaneity from the group becomes the forum for a lived experience of kindness.
This one day workshop is open to everyone.  CPD available.
Hosted by London Psychodrama Network
Early booking is recommended.  BIOGRAPHY:
Teresa Brown is a UKCP and BPA registered Psychodrama Psychotherapist, trainer, and supervisor with 40 years of professional experience. Her life's work has been in the field of mental health, initially as an Occupational Therapist then as a Psychodrama Psychotherapist in the NHS. Currently she works in her own private practice providing supervision, therapy and training for art, drama and Psychodrama Psychotherapists and offers individual Psychotherapy. She currently holds the post of the external examiner for the London Centre for Psychodrama.
Teresa also received her BA in Fine Art Painting in 2005 and holds an MLitt in Fine Art Painting in 2015 from Glasgow School of Art. She currently works from her own studio in Glasgow.
Currently, she is working on the relationship between her Psychodrama and Contemporary Art practice in a live psychodynamic art installation exploring The Space Between. Her creative interest is presently connected to the world of theatre where she is working collaboratively with a playwright using psychodrama to explore the multiplicity of roles available within a given character.
Date & Times : Saturday 29th September 2018 : 10am to 4pm

Cost : £100 per person, £50 for students and LPN Members 


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Kirsten Hubert, Richard Oliver, Maxine Daniels, Chip Chimera, Olivia Lousada, Eva Koumpli,  Audrey Harrison, and Marcia Karp are all practicing psychodrama psychotherapists and members of the London Psychodrama Network.
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