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Chip Chimera

Chip is a Systemic Family Psychotherapist and a Psychodrama Psychotherapist with many years' experience in working with families, individuals, and groups. Chip teaches at the Institute of Family Therapy where she is the Director of the Centre for Child Studies. She is a founder member of London Psychodrama Network.

Olivia Lousada

Olivia is a senior psychodrama trainer. For 24 years she has worked in a psychiatric hospital with a variety of patients. The beautiful structures of sociometry, the mapping of relationships have influenced her interest in non-verbal and preverbal communication.

Her doctoral inquiry (2007) into relationship experiences of adult opposite sex twins used psychodrama, painting and reflection. This led to her book 'Hidden Twins' (2009) and a webside .

Maxine Daniels

BPA-reg trainer
Maxine is a psychodrama psychotherapist and a registered trainer with the BPA. She works for the prison service as a psychodrama consultant and trainer. Maxine is the director of Creative Forum, working with actors in the NHS, businesses and education.

She is currently enrolled on the professional doctorate programme with Metanoia Institute. Maxine is a founder member of London Psychodrama Network.


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